Making Democracy Work

Annual Luncheon

The League of Women Voters of Scarsdale hosted its 2019 Annual Meeting on May 10th at the Scarsdale Golf Club. The League concluded its business for the 2018-2019 year, with co-Presidents Linda Doucette-Ashman and Janice Starr giving the highlights of all the events and activities the League conducted this year.

The LWVS also starting planning for the coming year, adopting its new 2019-2020 Local Program and budget and voting in the new Executive Committee and Board of Directors (see the About Us page).

After business was concluded the audience enjoyed hearing from the charismatic and moving featured speaker, Cynthia Deitle, the Program & Operations Director for the Matthew Shepard Foundation and former Civil Rights Chief for the FBI, who spoke on "Protecting the Victims of Hate Crimes: A Career in Seeking Justice."

Scroll down to see photos of Cynthia Deitle and other luncheon attendees.

(L to R) LWVS Program Chair, Cindy Dunne, featured speaker, Cynthia Deitle, and LWVS co-President Linda Doucette-Ashman

(L to R) Past LWVS Presidents, Barbara Jaffe and New York State Assemblywoman Amy Paulin

(L to R) Outgoing LWVS Co-Presidents, Janice Starr and Linda Doucette-Ashman

(L to R) Former Scarsdale Mayor, Dan Hochvert and current Scarsdale Mayor, Marc Samwick

(L to R) LWVS director and portfolio chair, Diane Baylor and newly-elected LWVS President, Leah Dembitzer

(L to R) Executive Director of the Scarsdale Public Library, Elizabeth Bermel and past Editor of The Scarsdale Inquirer, Linda Leavitt

(L to R) Past LWVS board member, Barbara Chesler, current LWVS board members, Diane Baylor, Kitt Rosenthal and Renee Baylor