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Students Inside Albany

MAY 19 - 22, 2019

TWO STUDENTS are given the opportunity to:

  • Meet students from around the state
  • Learn how one participates in our state government process
  • Tour the New York State Capitol
  • Shadow one of your legislators

Students Inside Albany is a four-day conference designed to immerse students in the process by which public policy is proposed, revised and enacted in New York State. This conference deepens their understanding of their individual responsibility in our representative democracy and provides them with tools for meeting that responsibility. In addition, the conference allows the Scarsdale students to interact with students from all over the state, learn about their New York State government and the process by which citizens can participate in policy making areas, as well as tour the capitol and meet state legislators.

Scarsdale students who attended this conference in the past were unanimous in their enthusiasm about the program. Last year's Scarsdale attendees are happy to answer questions from interested students. Contact Amanda Glik or Isabelle Riback at

Please contact Elissa Ruback at 917-239-4808 or for more information or if you know someone who would like to apply.]]

Sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Scarsdale and the League of Women Voters of New York State Education Foundation


2018 SIA grant recipients, Amanda Glik and Isabelle Riback, with NYS Assemblywoman Amy Paulin at the statehouse in Albany

Amanda Glik and Isabelle Riback, two Scarsdale High School juniors selected by the League, attended the Students Inside Albany Conference in May this year. Amanda and Isabelle wrote the following about their experience:

The knowledge and experience we gained in Albany was important, eye-opening, and inspiring. We formed connections with teenagers from all over the state. In fact, we have remained in touch with many of the other students from the group. We feel incredibly fortunate to have formed such close bonds and to have had such an incredible experience.

Click here for the complete student article.

Students Inside Albany is an intensive four-day conference run by the New York State League of Women Voters Education Foundation. The program is designed to immerse students in the process by which public policy is proposed, enacted and changed in New York State and educate them as to how they can influence and affect this process. The conference brings approximately 60 students from across the State to Albany to get a first-hand education about their state government. The highlight for most students is the opportunity to shadow their state representatives for an afternoon, with many students getting the opportunity to attend a session on the Chamber floor. All expenses of the students to attend the conference will be paid by the State League Education Foundation and the Scarsdale League of Women Voters.

Running and Winning

The League of Women Voters of Westchester County Running & Winning Workshop for female* high school students will take place on April 11, 2019 at the YWCA White Plains & Central Westchester. The American Association of University Women Westchester and the YWCA White Plains & Central Westchester are co-sponsors.

This workshop is designed to give young women* in high school the opportunity to explore public service as a career. During the session, participants will talk with local women* office holders, expand their leadership abilities and develop teamwork skills.

  • We use an inclusive definition of "woman" and "female" and welcome all people who identify as such.

The program is sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Westchester County and others. For more information, ask your school's Social Studies department head or contact Deb Morel at

Participants in the 2018 Running & Winning Workshop

Scarsdale Middle School Mock Election

In election years, the LWVS helps educators and administrators at the Middle School run a mock election for the students. League volunteers staffed tables in the SMS Great Hall where students checked in to vote on computers at polling booths. Each student receives an "I Voted Today" sticker to mark their participation at the polls.

Students at the Middle School waiting to cast their ballots at the 2018 Mock Election.

LWVS Youth Outreach portfolio co-chair, Elissa Ruback, volunteering at the SMS Mock Election.

LWVS members, Trude Akersveen (left) and Ronny Hersch, help out at the SMS Mock Election.

LWVS member Debbie Miller (left) and volunteer Beth Lambert manning the polls at the SMS Mock Election.

Civics Jeopardy

Civics Jeopardy at Scarsdale Middle School

Civics Jeopardy is a fast-paced, fun and educational game designed to educate middle school-aged children about national, state and local civics, particularly during election years.

Similar to TV's "Jeopardy", the kids compete in teams by answering questions from subject-matter categories including: Current Issues, the U.S. Government, Campaigns and Elections, the Candidates, the Electoral Process and Presidential History. Everyone was a winner taking home LWVS logo pencils and Voter Guides!

The competition was stiff!