2022 August Primary Election

The Primary Election races in New York State for U.S. Congress and NY State Senate, originally scheduled for Tuesday, June 28, 2022, have been postponed to Tuesday, August 23, 2022, as the result of court rulings on the redistricting litigation. Follow this link to view the Month by Month Political Calendar that reflects this second primary date.

The following dates pertain to the Primary Election to be held in August 2022 for Scarsdale voters, which will consist only of a Democratic primary for U.S. Congress, District 16. No other parties or races will be contested in the August primary for purposes of Scarsdale residents.

Please note that on Monday, July 25, 2022, the League of Women Voters of Westchester held a Virtual Democratic Candidate Forum for Congressional District 16.

Friday, July 29, 2022:  Last day to register to vote in person or to postmark your voter registration form (registration form must be received by August 3). Check your voter registration status at the NYS Voter Registration Database Search.

Special Rules for Change of Party Enrollment for August 2022 Primary — Latest Update as of Wednesday, August 3, 2022

For the August 2022 Primary only, voters who were either enrolled in a different political party or were not enrolled in any political party would have been able to request to vote by affidavit ballot in the race of the party of their choice. The affidavit ballot would have counted and would have changed their party enrollment for future elections. For additional background information on the loophole, view the NYS Board of Elections Guidance on Change of Party Enrollment.

However, on August 3, 2022, the State Board of Elections filed a motion to the NYS Supreme Court asking for a blackout period to be instated as to create a deadline by which someone could change their party affiliation for the August primary. Judge McAllister issued an order that day setting a deadline of Tuesday, August 11, 2022, in which an individual may change party affiliation for purposes of voting in the August primary. Any application to change party affiliation received on or after Wednesday, August 12, 2022, will not become effective until Tuesday, August 30, 2022, seven days after the August primary.

This August 3, 2022, order closes the loophole that would have allowed voters to change party affiliation by voting via affidavit ballot or a court order in the August primary.

Absentee Ballot Information

All New York State voters may still apply to vote by absentee ballot using the temporary illness clause, which now includes being unable to appear due to risk of contracting or spreading a communicable disease like COVID-19.

Monday, August 8, 2022: Last day to postmark an application for absentee ballot by mail or submit an application via email, fax, or electronically through the New York State Absentee Ballot Application Portal.  See the Westchester Board of Elections website for additional details.

Monday, August 22, 2022:  Last day to apply in person at the Westchester Board of Elections for an absentee ballot.

Tuesday, August 23, 2022: Last day to postmark a completed absentee ballot (must be received by August 30) or to submit an absentee ballot in person to the Westchester Board of Elections or at any polling site throughout Westchester County by the close of the polls.

Please note the following changes to the absentee ballot procedures:
New York State voters are no longer permitted to cast a ballot on a voting machine if they have already been issued an absentee ballot for that election. Voters who have already been issued an absentee ballot may cast an affidavit ballot in person, to be counted only if the voter’s absentee ballot has not been received. If a voter requests a second absentee ballot, any previously issued absentee ballot that is returned by the voter will be set aside. If both ballots are received before the return deadline, the ballot with the later postmark date will be accepted unless the first ballot has already been opened. If a voter submits more than one timely absentee ballot and casts an affidavit ballot, the last received ballot, either submitted in person during the election or by mail within the absentee return deadline, will be canvassed.

In Person Voting

Saturday, August 13, 2022 through Sunday, August 21, 2022: Early voting at any of the 23 early primary voting polling locations and times in Westchester County.   

Tuesday, August 23, 2022 (Primary Election Day): In person voting only at your assigned polling location.