Civics Education (2022-23)

Mock Election at SMS
November 2022

Beatrice Sevcik and Suzie Hahn
SMS Poll Workers for Butler House and CHOICE Voting Districts

LWVS coordinated with SMS social studies teachers across all grades to implement a school-wide mock general election on Monday, November 7, 2021. Students were provided a specially-prepared, age appropriate Voters’ Guide and offered the same ballot choices that a registered voter residing at the SMS mailing address would have encountered at the polls, except for the uncontested Westchester County Court Judge.

SMS Mock General Election Results

Nearly 1100 students voted in the Great Hall on tablets configured for casting ballots.

NYS PROPOSAL 1:Clean water, clean air, and green jobs environmental bond act of 2022

  • SMS voted “Yes” (95%)

u.s. senate

  • Joe Pinion (Rep, Cons): 21.8%
  • Diane Sare (Larouche): 9.8%
  • Charles E. Schumer (Dem): 68.4%

U.S. Congressional district 16

  • Jamaal Bowman (Dem): 82.6%
  • Miriam L. Flisser (Rep): 17.4%

New York State governor

  • Kathy C. Hochul (Dem, WF): 73.1%
  • Lee M. Zeldin (Rep, Cons): 26.9%

New York State Lieutenant governor

  • Antonio Delgado (Dem, WF): 73.1%
  • Alison Esposito (Rep, Cons): 26.9%

New York State attorney general

  • Michael Henry (Rep, Cons): 28.5%
  • Letitia James (Dem, WF): 71.5%

new york state comptroller

  • Thomas P. DiNapoli (Dem, WF): 75%
  • Paul Rodriguez (Rep, Cons): 25%

New York Supreme Court Justice – 9th Judicial District: (voters choose 7)

  • John Ciampoli (Rep, Cons): 32.4%
  • Robert S. Cypher, Jr. (Rep): 29.5%
  • Sherri Eisenpress (Dem, Cons): 70.6%
  • Joseph I. Farca (Rep): 30.8%
  • Keri A. Fiore (Dem): 72.6%
  • Elena M. Goldberg-Velazquez (Dem, Cons): 67.8%
  • Michael J. Grace (Rep): 29.1%
  • Richard J. Guertin (Rep): 27.9%
  • Anne E. Minihan (Dem, Cons): 67.9%
  • Linda M. Murray (Rep): 27.5%
  • Amy S. Puerto (Dem): 66.6%
  • John A. Sarconne III (Rep, Cons): 23.5%
  • David J. Squirrell (Dem, Cons): 63.8%
  • David S. Zuckerman (Dem, Cons): 67%

New York State senate district 37

  • Shelley B. Mayer (Dem, WF): 71.9%
  • Frank F. Murtha (Rep): 28.1% 

new york state assembly district 88

  • Thomas H. Fix, Jr. (Rep, Cons): 22.7%
  • Amy R. Paulin (Dem, WF): 77.3%

    Civics Jeopardy at SMS
    Fall 2022

    Civics Jeopardy 2022

    All 8th grade SMS students had the opportunity to test their trivia talents in the weeks surrounding the general election by playing a Civics Jeopardy game created by LWVS volunteers and SMS social studies teachers.

    Are you able to identify at least two amendments that expanded voting rights? Can you name two of the five U.S. presidents thus far who lost the popular vote but still won the election? If not, you may not be smarter than a middle schooler!

    Please contact for more information.