LWVS Board Issues Statement to Independent Redistricting Commission re Process and Proposed Maps

At the IRC hearing on Monday, November 8, 2021, LWVS President Alissa Baum issued a Statement to the Independent Redistricting Committee on behalf of the LWVS Board, expressing disappointment in the redistricting process thus far and urging the IRC to keep Scarsdale intact when redrawing districts. She illustrated her testimony with a poster showing one of the maps proposed by some members of the IRC that had split Scarsdale into two different NYS Assembly Districts. She concluded by commenting that “[t]he Village of Scarsdale, with its strong school system and common interests, deserves the representation of a single legislator in each of the Assembly, Senate, and U.S. Congressional districts.  We hope that the Commission takes its charge seriously and listens to the public so that it can draw political boundaries that are in the public’s best interest.”

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